Anna Wintour hasn’t been super exciting or innovative with the Vogue covers for the last couple of years but she for sure nailed it with this April’s cover with Jennifer Lopez in red. For Vogue – it’s perfect. The styling is sooo good. The red dress is awesome (I can’t figure out who it is), the minimal accessories are perfect (the gold ring and Hermes bracelet) and the hair and make up couldn’t be better – smokey eyes, amazing cheek bones and the strong red lips. It all makes for a pretty dramatic cover and one of the best Vogue covers in the last few years. Now if only Anna will put some legendary models back on the cover again, I’d be a very happy fancy fruit.

Jennifer Lopez – she just gets it. Whether you like her or not she sure entertains us (mainly me) with the way she dresses (the way her stylist dresses her). She’s pretty much the only reason to watch American Idol now. And by ‘she’ I totally mean her clothes. Check her out last week in pink Michael Kors, black T-strap sandals (which I totally love) and black diamond hoops. Not many can carry this off. But she can. And does it well.

Photo above from

Vogue cover from (Yes there is actually a website called voguepedia. And I read it. Often. That’s what a fancy fruit does.)


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