Tom Ford

This was exciting. After a couple years of small intimate presentations, where fashion media had limited access, Tom Ford chose London fashion week for his first real runway show since he left Gucci years ago. And it was quite a show. In case you’ve never seen the incredible detail and luxuriousness of Tom’s clothes in person, they’re amazing. And expensive. Like really, really expensive. But they are because they can be. He’s a master at managing and maintaining the exclusivity of his brand.

This was a glam show and the clothes screamed (over) indulgence. The myriad of opulent fabrics and luxurious materials featured throughout the collection almost had a vintage Versace (early 90s) vibe to it (like, this was way more in line with what Gianni Versace would be doing today if he was still alive, unlike anything Donatella continues to put out season after season). Some pieces even had a cartoon/comic book feeling. The collection also seemed to reference some of Tom’s time at Gucci in the late 90s. And the hair and make-up were also a signature Tom Ford for Gucci look (he did the slicked back hair parted on the side with smoky eyes often for his Gucci shows). While there were quite a few over the top, almost theatrical looks (wild furs, super colourful matching pencil skirts and knee high boots), there were also some crazy beautiful pieces that were good looking and wearable (like the beautiful suit below), and that we’ll for sure be seeing on celebrities and the super wealthy fashion elite in the near future.


I can’t find a video of the entire show on YouTube yet, but you can check out every look from the collection on

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