VAL_2928.450x675A really good collection. And very wearable. These are pretty clothes (love the crispt collars, cuffs, and lace detail) that are going to sell well. I like more and more what they’ve done with Valentino’s line since he stepped down. And you will see this school girl inspired collection on tons of stars over the next few months. It’s certainly more modern and simple than the traditional Valentino aesthetic but it’s still is representative of the line – they haven’t abandoned the established line’s important history. Unlike what Hedi Slimane did at Saint Laurent, which was unwearable, not fresh or clever. After re-branding YSL and moving the design headquarters to L.A, Slimane sent out a 90s grunge inspired collection this season and the reaction was overwhelmingly negative. This collection for Valentino on the other hand was unanimously positive – and for good reason.

Check out the show below:

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