Similar to Frida Giannini’s spring collection for Gucci, Peter Dundas’ latest collection for Pucci also had a super sexy and sporty vibe featuring pieces such as mesh tops and very short shorts, workout-like pants and belts that resembled championship boxing belts (is that what they’re called? – I wouldn’t know).  There were some incredible short and colourful beaded dresses, beautiful draped skirts and some very chic and structured sequin jackets. As well, this being Pucci, the collection also included pieces with the graphic and psychedelic patterns the label is known for. This was a body conscious collection that’s going to be popular with stars, models and those in the fashion crowd who are in great shape and like to show it. 

Expect to see stars like Rihanna, Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow rocking many of these looks this award season.

Photos from style.com

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