I love metallic shoes and I feel like silver pointy toed heels have been popular for a while now but gold shoes are every bit as fancy – if not more. And they’re great way to dress up almost any outfit for spring. Gold shoes totally have an Alexis Carrington quality to them. And it doesn’t get much fancier than Joan Collins in Dynasty. There’s something sexy and confident about gold shoes. They’re glamorous and powerful looking. And they can work for both day and night. Remember how awesome Carrie Bradshaw in the white Halton jersey dress and the gold sparkly Louboutin’s (top left photo) in the opening scene of Sex and the City 2? That was a pretty memorable look. 

Gold shoes look fresh with all white and super chic with solid black, and they pretty much go with everything in between. Imagine a good looking pair of gold heels with black and white polka dots? Or a light floral dress? Or with skinny jeans? There’s also something slightly luxurious about gold shoes. And while you can currently find gold heels by all the luxury designers (Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Lanvin, Tom Ford, Saint Laurent to name a few), there are also some solid affordable options. Both Kate Spade and Michael Kors have gold pumps that are just as good looking as their more expensive competitors.

If you don’t already have a pair, consider a pair of gold pumps for spring. They’re definitely fancy.

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