Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Portman, Sandra Bullock, Sarah Jessica Parker and Solange Knowles all rocking pink in their own way

I’ve been noticing a lot of pink (particularly fuchsia and hot pink) lately in stores and on the red carpet. It’s one of those hues that pops up in a big way every few years and it’s back big time this summer. And it’s nice to see its return because I’ve always thought pink is a happy colour (and pretty gay too). And when done well, it’s also feminine and chic. Pink is also a great compliment colour in that it works really well when paired with other colours, especially neutrals like black and white, or denim. It’s also a lot more versatile than people think. 

There are endless possibilities for how incorporate the vivid trend into your summer wardrobe. Take Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lopez , who both go full-on with the hot pink in sexy sleeveless Roland Mouret dresses. Or Sarah Jessica Parker, who adds just a touch on the look with a pair of SJP Collection pumps (available at Nordstrom), which looks super cool worn with a little white dress and a black blazer. Natalie Portman shows how it can be done in a more elegant way for evening with a long fuchsia Dior coat over skinny black pants. And Solange Knowles takes on the colour in a brave and chic way with a vibrant Gucci pants suit – and it doesn’t get much more fun and fresh than that.

So if a full-on fuchsia gown is too much for you, try a fuchsia blazer and pair it with skinny jeans. Or a hot pink pencil skirt with a black sheer blouse. An easy way to interpret the trend is with accessories like sexy shoes or a chic little bag (Michael Kors leather ‘Carlene’ naked sandals and Rebecca Minkoff ‘mini-affair convertible bag) are good options. Like, how awesome would those shoes be paired with a good looking black pencil skirt or that bag with a fitted white suit? Obviously, the vibrant colour isn’t for everyone but I think more women, and some brave men (as shown in Etro’s Spring 2015 menswear collection) should give it a shot. Because hot pink and fuchsia are strong colours that reflect personality more than most and that’s what fashion’s all about – personality.

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