How do you get a bag to become a must-have of the season? Simple. Get Kate Moss to star in the campaign and it’ll happen. Moss stars in Gucci’s new short film for their new ‘Jackie’ bag collection, named after Jackie Onassis of course. And Moss was the perfect choice to represent the popular and iconic bag. Few models have the same style cred as the legendary model. 

In the film, directed by Anders Hallberg, Moss flees from the pararazzi racing through an airport playing the role of a chic and glam jet setter – which isn’t a stretch considering she’s KATE MOSS (it probably happens to her all the time) – all while wearing looks from Gucci’s fall-winter 2014 collection, which you can find now on

The short is awesome – it’s fun, fast and chic. And the clothes couldn’t look better on Moss. Her unique and individualistic style is well reflected in Gucci’s 60s influenced collection. The hair and makeup is also perfection. If Gucci made short films like this one with all the legendary supermodels, I would freak out. Seriously. FREAK OUT.

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