Supermodel Joan Smalls at Chanel’s Fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection

Karl Lagerfeld’s done it again. Chanel’s latest runway show took place in a stunning Coco Chanel-themed restaurant built specifically for the runway presentation in the Grand Palais. Styled like a traditional Parisian brasserie, “Brasserie Gabrielle” was one of Chanel’s most authentic runway sets to date. It was chic. It was French. And it was very Chanel. After all, who doesn’t love Paris and enjoying the atmosphere of an authentic Parisian brasserie while drinking champagne?! After visiting Paris for the first time last May, I can definitely say I do. 

Supermodel Cara Delevingne returned to the runway to open and close the show, which included many of today’s top models. After walking the runway, the models sat at the central tables and at the bar for a drink and enjoyed the rest of the show. Which would have been awesome – especially when one of the bartenders was one of Lagerfeld’s muses and frequent companions, male supermodel Baptiste Giabiconi. Other famous Lagerfeld friends sat in front booths nearby. The only thing that was missing from such a memorable runway show were some of the 90s supermodels that so often frequented the Chanel runway in the 90s – that would have been perfection.


As far as the clothes go – incredible. It was one of the strongest and most wearable Chanel shows in a long time – without a lot of the gimmicky accessories. The detail was unreal and what Parisian fashion is all about. The accessories (bags, jewellery, belts, hair pins, etc.) were also feminine and expensive looking – and they’re for sure going to be popular once they hit Chanel boutiques.  Lagerfeld called it the “French Collection” and interestingly he used shoes designed by the original Coco (Gabrielle) Chanel herself – the the slingback, cap-toe, square-heel style – for the first time when designing this collection.


Well played, team Chanel. Another amazing presentation and one of my favourites yet. I can’t wait to go back to Paris next fall and spend a long afternoon in a Parisian brasserie. And I’ll die if there are any supermodels in Chanel hanging around.

To see more photos of the detail and incredible atmosphere at Brasserie Gabrielle, check out the slideshow on and some of my fave shots below. And here’s the whole show in full. Enjoy!

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