It’s no shocker that Cindy Crawford was my favourite supermodel in the 90s. Like any normal 12 year boy, I had pictures of her in my locker and bedroom. Except all the pictures I had of her were from Vogue. I thought her swimsuit calendars and posters were lame. And super tacky. Anyways, when she appeared in Playboy the second time, I was about 14. My wonderful Dad bought me the issue. He was super excited to give it to me. Poor guy. When I saw it, I immediately flipped through the issue really quickly, and was excited about only one picture. I ripped it out of the magazine and never looked at the issue again. The photo was a head shot. But her hair looked super good. This is Cindy modeling in The Sunday Telegraph, Spring 2012. I looooooove those Givenchy shoes. They’re my new fave.

Photo from, Alix Malka (photographer)

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