So yesterday my lovely friend Michelle told me about Tom Ford’s latest show and I’m obsessed. The man that made Gucci relevant again in the mid 90s is doing some amazing work lately. His Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear collection is modern and streamlined and linear and sexy. It’s also super glamorous yet simple which is a difficult thing to pull off. It’s super good looking and expensive while still being slightly low key. Michelle and I talked about how it seems like Angelina was a bit of an inspiration for this collection. It’s like he had her in mind when designing a lot of these pieces – can you imagine if she’d actually wear clothes like this?

My favourites – the perfect leather boots with the spike heel, the most beautifully cut suits, the gold accessories, the best bags, the long black pants with zippers at the ankles and the skirts – no one does a pencil skirt as well as Tom. Ya, he’s super arrogant and needs to get over himself a bit, but the dude is sure good at what he does. Well done Tom, well done.

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