On December 4, Karl Lagerfeld held the Pre-Fall Chanel 2013 collection in Scotland. Karl’s known for his elaborate presentations, and the venue for this collection was especially cool – Linlithgow Palace outside of Edinburgh. The inspiration for the collection was the time that Coco spent in Scotland with her lover the Duke of Westminster.

This was a pretty different collection from what we’ve seen of Chanel lately. Tons of plaid, knits and heavy scarves. But also full of references to old school British monarchy – the billowing sleeves, super high neck blouses and the beautiful long white coats and dresses that ended the show. Especially loved the white cotton blouses tied in a bow around the neck with the broach pinned in the middle. And the berets were pretty cool too.

I’m a big lover of plaid – it just never gets old. Glad Karl feels the same way.

The collection also featured Brand Kroenig and his son Hudson. The kid is four years old and this is his third Chanel show! How lucky is he?

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