Red isn’t the easiest colour to wear but when done well, it can be a great look. Here are two very different red looks and both ladies wear the colour well.

First, Gwen Stefani in a super cool red plaid coat with her signature red lips. I’ll never get sick of this lip colour on Gwen – it works so well on her. And this is such a good looking coat. It’s casual but still structured and chic. Love the sunglasses too. Could she look any cooler walking around London? Even the guy behind her thinks so.


And now Helen Mirren in a long red Escada dress. Such an elegant dress – and the fit is super flattering. Also like the sheer long sleeves and the draping on the front. She looks so fancy. It almost looks like something Joan Collins would’ve worn on Dynasty – and I mean that in a good way. Helen’s 67 and she couldn’t look better. She also looks like herself – she hasn’t changed her face and she’s allowed herself to age – and is beautiful and sexy because of it. You can tell she’s confident in this dress and she should be. She owns it.


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