The public has long been fascinated by the First Lady’s style. Some for very good reason (Jackie Kennedy & Nancy Reagan) and other’s not so much (Laura Bush – did anyone ever care?) but there’s never been a First Lady quite like Michelle Obama. She has awesome taste and seems to wear what she wants rather than get too political about it. And it feels like she doesn’t take it all that seriously – she just gets it. For her second inauguration night, the First Lady again chose Jason Wu – this time is a custom red velvet and chiffon gown.  Four years ago she wore a one shoulder white dress by the same designer when he was then unknown to many. Both dresses looked beautiful on her. This one moves so nicely – and it’s fancy. Also, love the new bangs.

Some fashiony people seemed disappointed she didn’t choose a new unknown American designer but I’m not sure that’s fair. She’s given a lot of American designers tons of exposure as well as been a huge supporter of up-and-coming talent. She just seems to really like Jason Wu. And fair enough – she wears his designs well.  Check out some of the other memorable outfits the First Lady has rocked over the years on Vogue.com.

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