Last night I was out with my friends and I somehow (wisely) managed to bring up the earrings Nicole Kidman wore to the MET Gala in 2003 – the year she co-hosted with Anna Wintour & Tom Ford. The amazing dress was custom Tom Ford for Gucci (such a legendary time for Gucci) and she wore these incredible long diamond chandelier earrings. I remember being so excited when I first saw a photo of her in those earrings – they’re legendary. Nicole was on top of the world back then. And this was totally one of her best looks.

Side note – I sure hope someone wears earrings like this to the Oscars. They’re so awesome. In fact, I think Anne Hathaway’s look at the Golden Globes would have been way better if she wore earrings like these. They’re even better up close.


And here’s an interesting jewelry fact. Do you know where the term chandelier earrings came from? The legendary Elizabeth Taylor of course! She had a pair of long diamond tassel earrings (pictured below) that were originally owned by Baroness di Portanova, who commissioned Costantino Bulgari’s daughter Marina B. to create them based on a chandelier in her Acapulco home (doesn’t get much fancier than that, does it?). When Elizabeth heard the story, she started to refer to that style of earrings as chandeliers. And the rest is jewelry history my friends.


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