Rihanna in Azzedine Alaia

021013-Rihanna-350No a huge fan of hers right now – that’s a different story. But have to say, she looks incredible in this custom Alaia red dress. The fit is beautiful and the cut is impeccable. This dress manages to be both elegant and sexy – which isn’t an easy task. Her new hair looks great too – like old school Rihanna. And how good is this colour on her? Also love the matching red lips and nails. I think this could be one of my favourite Rihanna looks. Side note – Naomi Campbell has long been an Azzedine Alaia muse. She’d look stunning in this dress too.

Jennifer Lopez in Anthony Vaccarello

021013-jennifer-lopez-350Really? Again? Obviously, I don’t need to make the Angelina Jolie reference because everyone already has. Jennifer Lopez is so beautiful and has such a great figure but she’s trying too hard lately. This look on her just isn’t cool – it just looks like she’s trying super hard to look and dress like she did 15 years ago. Although, the accessories she chose are perfect – the Tom Ford strappy black sandals with gold ankle detail are crazy cool and I like the black and gold Jimmy Choo bag too.

Beyonce in Osman

021013-Beyonce-350She may have rocked the March Vogue cover but not so much in this colour blocked black and white Osman pantsuit. It’s not bad or anything, it’s just pretty toned down for Beyonce. It looks like something she’d maybe wear for a night on the town in NYC or on a talk show but it’s a surprising choice for the Grammys. The matching geometric cuffs are pretty cool though. She’s received so much attention lately at the Obama’s inauguration and the Super Bowl that maybe she wanted to be a more low key. I guess she just wasn’t interested in pulling a “Jennifer Lopez” – which is what we should start calling it when it’s so obvious your dress choices are based on getting more attention than anyone else.

Katy Perry in Gucci


I was surprised when I heard this was Gucci. It seems really gimmicky – which suits Katy Perry but Gucci is definitely not gimmicky. And it’s a really odd, unfaltering mint green. Then I heard the whole look was based on early 70’s Priscilla Presley and I was kind of getting it. But then I decided I don’t care either way because it’s Katy Perry and she’s not someone I pay much attention to.

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