Naomi Watts in Armani Privé 

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This sequined gunmetal custom Armani Privé gown with the asymmetric neckline is legendary. It’s super modern, different and beautiful. It also fits her incredibly well. Apparently she started working with Armani on this dress right after the Golden Globes. So she came to play. She wanted to be one of the night’s stand outs and succeeded. Love her hair too – it’s tied up but not overly done. And she was wearing $1.5 million of Neil Lane diamonds. That always helps. Love this whole look. One of Naomi’s best ever.

 Anne Hathaway in Prada 

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She was one of the one’s to watch last night so the pressure was on. And interestingly she was supposed to wear Valentino but changed her mind at the last minute. And it’s too bad she did. The pink is way too cute and the fit is odd around her boobs – you can totally see her nipples. It also doesn’t hang that well. And I don’t understand the necklace (which was Tiffany and beautiful). I think she had something really dramatic planned and backed out at the last minute. She stuck the Valentino or worn the Armani Privé dress she performed in – it was interesting and different.

Halle Berry in Custom Versace 

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This is not typical Versace. And she wore typical Versace to the Golden Globes and it was bad – very Donatella (who just showed her fall 2013 collection in Milan and it was vinyl and trampy). But this look is pretty stunning. The fit couldn’t be better – the way the dress is constructed is unbelievable. The detail is so fine. Look how it hangs. She’s such a beautiful woman that it was nice to see her in something that does her justice. But I would’ve picked different earrings, like big yellow diamond hoops. These are too predictable and matchy.

Jessica Chastain in Custom Armani Privé

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Beautiful dress. Beautiful lady. The detail, the beading, the fit – old Hollywood glamour and very good  choice. And I was surprised at how good this colour looked on her but it sure does. Her hair and make-up are lovely too – very Veronica Lake. And those were some fancy vintage Harry Winston diamond earrings (totalling 10 carats). One of Jessica’s best looks ever.

Jennifer Laurence in Dior Haute Couture

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We knew Jennifer Laurence was also going to wear Dior Haute Couture and this is a lovely dress but we’ve seen it so many times before. It doesn’t feel young or fresh. It also has a bridal quality. I do like the simple long diamond Chopard necklace (74-carat) worn down her back. But I think she could’ve worn something younger and fresher.

Jane Fonda in Versace

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Another major ‘wow’ moment of the night. She’s so amazing, timeless and cool. And how good does she look in this dress – incredible! And that bright yellow shade is not an easy one to wear but she pulls it off well. Jane Fonda continues to look better, healthier and more beautiful than many actresses a third of her age – she 76! (hard to believe I know).

Zoe Saldana in Alexis Mabille Couture

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Zoe has an very talented stylist because she always brings it. This dress is super cool and very good looking. Love the detail on the bodice and the belt. Also, love the grey/steal/black colour variation on the train – it’s interesting and different. This is fashion forward and Zoe does that well.

Kerry Washington in Miu Miu

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Like Zoe Saldana, Kerry Washington also brings it – always. She has great taste and I like h she chooses different looks. This was pretty dress and the detail on the bodice is really cool. Also love the colour – it’s fresh, young and suits her well.

Selma Hayek in Alexander McQueen

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High on drama and glamour, not many can pull this off but Salma sure does. This looks expensive which is always a good thing. She’s pretty little but looks quite statuesque is this flattering black velvet column dress with embellished and jewelled neckline. Not a huge fan of the tiara though. It wasn’t necessary and I’m not sure they’re ever cool.

Nicole Kidman in L’Wren Scott

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This wasn’t Nicole’s greatest but I thought she still looked good. It’s not super interesting or original but I like the variation in colour on the beading at the top but not a fan of the pattern at the bottom. It wasn’t necessary. And her hair looks pretty loose and she accessorized well – the 19th-century gold-and-black enamel pendant earrings earrings and 19th-century gold-and-diamond bracelet (both Fred Leighton) were some of the best accessories of the night. Nicole has good taste in expensive jewels.

Jennifer Aniston in Valentino

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Boring. It’s a great colour but she’s often wears strapless and her hair always looks the same – for like 10 years! She looks like she just tried on the dress at a fitting on day. You’d think she could maybe change it up a bit for something as huge as the Oscars.

Reese Witherspoon in Louis Vuitton

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I wasn’t feeling this two-toned Louis Vuitton. It’s a great colour but it didn’t fit well around her boobs. And it seemed pretty predictable. In 2002, Reese Witherspoon wore a beautiful black Valentino dress to the Oscars, her hair was shorter and she looked really cool. Was hoping we’d see something like that again. This is not Marc Jacobs best work for Louis Vuitton.

Amy Adams in Oscar de la Renta

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There’s way too much going on with the dress. The beading on the top, the massive tule-embellished bodice and all the volume is over the top. I’m sure it would have been better in person but this style of dress has been done too much at the Oscars. And the colour is kind of blah – it’s like a non-colour. Not Amy’s best look.

Sandra Bullock in Elie Saab Haute Couture

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I love Sandra Bullock but this was a miss for me. It’s not memorable and the cut of the arms isn’t very faltering. The flattened hair didn’t work either. Although I appreciate how Sandra was stepping back and letting the women who were nominated stand out. Sandra Bullock is definitely not one to pull a “Jennifer Lopez”.

Catherine Zeta Jones in Zuhair Murad 

Photo from

When I first saw Catherine on the red carpet, I thought she looked great. But then the more I saw the dress, the less I liked it. It’s kind of dated and, although I don’t mind the top, the bottom is borderline tacky. It looks like something a 75 year old (not in Jane Fonda years) woman would teaching a ballroom dance class. Interestingly  Zuhair Murad is a favourite of Jennifer Lopez. But the earrings are beautiful. I’ll give her that.

My Favourite – Charlize Theron in Dior Haute Couture

Photo from

We knew she was going to wear Dior and this was a wise choice – so chic and good looking. The fit is outstanding. It’s hard to tell in photos but the top is beaded. It’s super simple yet so glamorous – this is refined elegance. Charlize was definitively one of this year’s major wow moments and had the most dramatic entrance. It’s a little reminiscent of Anne Hathaway in Chanel at the Golden Globes but this is cooler and how it should’ve been done. And her haircut is part of what makes this look so great and fresh. She’s also wearing vintage Harry Winston diamond bracelets, totaling more than 110 carats.  I get the diamond studs (Harry Winston 5-carat diamond studs worth $1.6 million) but wish she wore long diamond link earrings that hung down to her collar bone. It would’ve added some drama. Other than that, this is for sure one of evening’s best.

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