Supers VF Sept 2008 Testino2

This was huge – like totally, majorly, exciting. I follow as many 90s supermodels as I can on Twitter and in the last couple of weeks two of my biggest heroes (since I was a young lad) tweeted me back! And Cindy even shared my tweet with all her followers. I almost died.  First, I tweeted Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell and shared a photo of my awesome t-shirt featuring the names of Linda, Cindy, Christy and Naomi (below). The t-shirt is an homage to the unforgettable time when the four of them walked down the runway to George Micheal’s “Freedom” at end of the Fall/Winter 1991 Gianni Versace fashion show. It was a pretty cool moment and the t-shirt is such a good reminder of the memorable time in fashion when models were stars. Anyway, I tweeted a photo of the t-shirt to Christy, Cindy and Naomi (Linda isn’t on Twitter) and Christy tweeted me back and said my tweet was “very sweet”. I freaked.

Then the other day, I found a really cool photo of Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford walking in Paris holding hands (taken around 20 years ago). I tweeted Cindy and Naomi and shared the photo. Cindy tweeted me back, and shared my tweet! She said “love this! Thanks for sharing!” Once again, I totally freaked. Two of the greatest and most legendary models ever noticed my tweet and then tweeted me back. It was huge.

The photo above is from a Vanity Fair shoot from 2008, shot by Mario Testino. Damn, they sure do look just as good there as they did 20 years ago.
Talk about faces – unforgettable.


And here’s the legendary Gianni Versace show from 1991 I mention above – back in the day when supermodels ruled the runway:

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