Jewellery is a major passion of mine and I can’t not go to NYC without making a trip to Henri Bendel – a lengendary store with an incredible jewellery selection. Featuring lines from both long established jewellery designers and some of the most exciting new ones in the North America. And most of the prices are totally reasonable. Man, I love this store! I can easily spend a couple of hours looking in great detail at the huge selection of super cool pieces. And luckily for my mom and sister, I always pick them up something when I’m there because I’m a saint (actually they always give me $ to shop for them before I go). If you’re not heading to NYC anytime soon, you can also shop at Henri Bendel online. The site doesn’t have nearly as much as they do in the store, but they still have a lot of really cool pieces. Here are some of my faves.

Socialite hoop earrings (How awesome is the name?!?)


Cascade Layered Necklace ($598) – You could totally wear this
with a simple dress or it would look hip with a cool
jacket, a t-shirt, skinny jeans with t-strap 


Diane Bib Necklace ($258) – super different & super cool.


Skyline Deco Chandelier Earrings ($198) – incredible. 


Burst Chandelier Earring ($198) – such a great shape.


Bendel Rocks Narrow Bangle ($168) – I know so many women
that would love this. And wouldn’t it be cool to wear a couple?


Buckle-UP Bay Wide Cuff ($98) – Gwyneth would totally wear this.


Make sure to visit Henri Bendel next time you’re in NYC.
You won’t be 

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