Fendi Baguette Bead & Sequin Shoulder Bag at saksfifthavenue.com

Recently, I’ve been noticing how Sarah Jessica Parker (and other fashion forward celebs, models and socialites) has been spotted around New York and London carrying various Fendi baguettes – which is cool considering Sex and the City was so influential in making the bag a household name in the first place. More than 10 years ago, the bag (often considered the first “it” bag) was heavily featured on the legendary show. Apparently Fendi was the first big name design house to loan Patricia Field items for the show. And it was a smart move. Because of the show’s growing popularity, the bag quickly became a must-have item for fashion lovers. And remember the super funny episode when Charlotte’s marriage was falling apart and she blurted out to the girls “My marriage is a fake Fendi!”. 

So, when walking through the purse department recently in Barneys and Bergdorf Goodman in NYC (like any typical fashion loving fruit does), I quickly realized the former “it” bag is totally back and could soon be more popular than ever. It seemed to be the bag many super fashionable shoppers were after. Because of the intricacy and beading of some of the designs, the prices can get right up there and range anywhere from $1200 to over $5000. I found a more reasonably priced option on Barneys.com for $1,190. Also, I bet there are some great finds on second hand ones on numerous sites.

The Fendi Baguette is an iconic bag – it’s chic, a great size, and there are tons of different and creative designs – some wild and some a little more subtle. You can check out all the new designs on Fendi’s new site devoted solely to the baguette here. And get this – now you can even design your own. That’s fun and fancy.

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