The New Fringe Bag – It’s Fun And Fancy

Jennifer Lopez in NY last week with a large Chanel fringe bag; Chanel embellished fringe flap bag (top right); Gucci fringe suede shopper tote (bottom right)

Last week, I found myself explaining to a friend how I’m really into fringe lately (you know you’re a fruit when…). There’s a casual and free-spirited vibe with fringe, often referred to as ‘boho chic’ that’s both fun and cool. And lately I’ve noticed a lot of stylish celebs rocking the fringe trend, especially fringe bags (as seen on Jennifer Lopez recently while shopping in NYC). After doing a little fashion research (obviously the best kind of research), I discovered a lot of luxury fashion brands are on top of the fringe bag trend – Chanel, Gucci, Stella McCartney, Valentino and Saint Laurent to name a few. Continue reading “The New Fringe Bag – It’s Fun And Fancy”

It Doesn’t Get Much Fancier Than Chanel Haute Couture

Some impressive designs at Chanel’s Fall 2014 Haute Couture collection

Haute Couture is fancy. And just over 10 years ago, it almost disappeared altogether as more and more designers quit doing their couture collections. In 2002, the 150 year-old tradition (dating back to the 1860s) was considered pretty much out of vogue and critics began to call it irrelevant when Yves Saint Laurent famously held his last couture show. After that, more and more designers began to stop doing Haute Couture. But due to a surprisingly growing market in recent years, because of some major foreign investment, it seems to be back and is practically thriving. In fact, the Haute Couture calendar in Paris has recently grown from 3 to 5 days and an increasing amount of young designers have started doing couture collections. Good news for fancy fashion lovers – and fancy fruits like moi. Continue reading “It Doesn’t Get Much Fancier Than Chanel Haute Couture”

Galeries Lafayette – It’s Fancy

The iconic “Lafayette Coupole” dome at Galeries Lafayette’s flagship location in Paris.

Friends have always told me I’d love Galeries Lafayette in Paris. And my friends now me well. While in Paris for the first time recently, my lovely friend did her best showing me as much of Paris as possible in a just a few days. And on our last day we only had a few hours before we had to take to train back to Munich. She said we had enough time to either go up the Eiffel Tower or to Galeries Lafayette to shop. Before I could even answer, she looked me and said “Why did I even ask? We’ll go to Galeries Lafayette.” Continue reading “Galeries Lafayette – It’s Fancy”

Statement Earrings from the Early 90s – “They’re baaaack”

Linda Evangelista by Francesco Scavullo for Versace, 1990

Back in the late 80s and early 90s, big statement earrings were huge (no pun intended). And no one did it better than legendary supermodel Linda Evangelista. When I was little, I used to go to a store in Calgary called White Sun in Mount Royal Village with my mother. And while she shopped, I would stay with the sales ladies at the jewelry counter and happily go through all the new gigantic earrings. When new stock came in, we used to play a game where they would ask me to pick my favourite earrings and which ones I thought were the most expensive – I was always right: “he did it again!” It’s been a while since the look has been super popular and I think we’re going to see a lot more huge earrings this year.

Continue reading “Statement Earrings from the Early 90s – “They’re baaaack””

Cool & Fancy Collar Necklaces

Nicole Richie at a dinner for Antonio Berardi in Beverly Hills

I’ve always loved collar necklaces. They’re like the perfect combination of fancy, chic and modern. There’s also something timeless about them. Back in the 80s, my mom used to have a few of them and I clearly remember giving them special space when I reorganized her jewellery drawers when I was younger (yes, I actually did that and not because she asked me to, I asked her if I could – while other boys were outside playing street hockey, I was happily organizing my mother’s jewellery).

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Fancy Fenton Earrings – Perfect for Parties


Fancy earrings are a great way to dress up any outfit and they’re perfect for adding some drama to any party look. While browsing through this week (I’m always on the hunt for cool & fancy jewels) I discovered a jewellery line called Fenton. And since party season is fast approaching, I’m sure glad I did. The line is glamorous, shiny and cool. Designer Dana Lorenz started Fenton in 2006 after working for some major design houses like Gucci and Donna Karan. Her designs quickly grew a following and she now sells her work in prestigious stores like Barneys and Collette. Made of crystals and brass (which keeps the cost down), her designs are glamorous statement pieces that are sure to get noticed. After the success of Fenton, Lorenz started another jewellery line called Fallon, a slightly lower priced collection with a bit more of an edge.  Continue reading “Fancy Fenton Earrings – Perfect for Parties”

Alexis Bittar Gets Fancy With Fine Jewelry Collection


I’ve been a fan of Alexis Bittar’s for quite a few years now. His designs are cool, different and a reasonable price range. The New York based designer experienced a huge surge in popularity years ago after his jewelry was often featured on Sex and the City. Holt Renfrew has a big selection of his work and you can easily find it on many shopping sites like, and You can even purchase directly from Bittar also now has stores in Manhattan, Connecticut, West Hollywood, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco. His flagship stores are the best places to get his work because they carry editorial pieces that can’t be found online or in other boutiques or department stores.  Continue reading “Alexis Bittar Gets Fancy With Fine Jewelry Collection”

Hip and Fancy Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Elizabeth and James cat-eye sunglasses ($289)

Cat-eye sunglasses are super hot right now. There’s just something intrinsically fancy about them. Although they may seem a little out there for many women, they’re actually super flattering. The angle of the outer edge elevates the eyes. There’s also a timeless quality to them. Although the shape first became popular in the 1950s, there’s a new take on look. And the current design is a cool dichotomy because it’s both modern and vintage looking at the same time. Elizabeth and James (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s design studio) has some of the coolest cat- eye glasses available right now. They have numerous shapes and colours of the style but I especially love the round cut-out lens option above. Tom Ford and Prada also nail the look. And Marc by Marc Jacobs does a solid (and more affordable) version as well.  Continue reading “Hip and Fancy Cat-Eye Sunglasses”

Cindy Crawford’s Fancy Villa in Los Cabos

Nothing makes me happier when two of my favourite things come together –especially when it’s fancy homes and 90s supermodels. Architectural Digest’s November issue features the incredible side-by-side vacation homes Cindy and her husband Randy Gerber built with their bestie George Clooney. Located on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja peninsula, they named the property “Casamigos” which means “House of Friends”. Continue reading “Cindy Crawford’s Fancy Villa in Los Cabos”

Legendary Fancy Versace Mansion Sells For $41.5 Million


The famous Versace mansion on Miami’s prestigious Ocean Drive, sold recently for 41.5 million to the to a business group that includes the owners of the Jordache denim label. The price seemed like a bargain considering the home was originally listed for $125 million in June 2012 then later reduced to $75 million. The 23,000-square-foot notoriously opulent home, known as Casa Casuarina, has 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a huge courtyard and a 54 foot-long pool lined with 24 karat gold. Gianni bought the home at the height of his fame in 1992. He apparently spent 33 million on renovations and added another wing. Sadly the home is also the location of the legendary designer’s tragic murder when he was shot on the front steps in 1997. The Versace family sold the property three years later.  Continue reading “Legendary Fancy Versace Mansion Sells For $41.5 Million”