Beyonce knows how to manage her brand. And girl knows how to make headlines – when she wants. So a few weeks ago she cut her hair into a pixie cut. The world gasped and all the celebrity and fashion sites and blogs were talking about it – “OMG, Beyonce cut her hair!!!” – and everyone of course wondered how a short hair cut would work when she’s performing. It was a fair question. Because we all know that her blowing-in-the-wind weave (of course it’s a weave – even though her hair dresser unwisely denied it and everyone rolled their eyes) is such a major part of her show and her dance routine (except when it gets caught in a fan – which was so awesome and incredibly cool how she handled it).

Anyways, clearly her pixie style wasn’t going to last so at her first concert after “the big cut”, she showed up with an inverted blond bob (if she doesn’t wear a weave then she’s like superwoman when it comes to growing hair). I like it. It suits her face and the colour is great on her. It may not be as dramatic at her show as her long flowing locks but it looks cool. I’m surprised no one’s really mentioned how much it looks like Victoria Beckham’s inverted bob a few years ago – the cut, colour, angle. It’ll be interesting to see how long Beyonce’s new look lasts but without a doubt this hairstyle is going to be majorly copied. Some will be good and some will be very, very unfortunate. Cross your fingers ladies who decide to go for this cut have a good stylist.

And if you’ve never seen it the video, check out Beyonce’s weave getting caught in a fan during her concert in Montreal. And how she amazingly doesn’t miss a beat while her people attempt to get it untangled.

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