My friends are back! I haven’t been this excited about a September cover (in this case multiple covers) in years. Interview magazine’s September issue is a tribute to models and features some of the most legendary supermodels of all time. In a spread called “The Originals”, the girls many of us idolized in the 90s prove once again what made them famous in the first place. Not only are many of these supermodels incredible models, they have personality that comes through in their photos. These are the models we knew on a first name basis in the 90s – they were all friends, partied together, covered gossip magazine covers and dated and married movie stars, musicians and billionaires. The actual interviews themselves sound pretty juicy too as they open up about the start of their careers and their rise to the top of the fashion industry.

I think I might buy each issue and put the all the covers on my wall – in my own personal tribute to my junior high locker – because it was constantly covered in photos featuring these beautiful women.

Check out Interview magazine’s gallery to see more photos of the modeling legends.









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