I went to this fashion conference in New York at the end of June and two very pretty twin sisters spoke on a panel about the business. They were super cool, smart and both super well dressed. When I left the hotel that day, they were outside getting a cab so I went and introduced myself and told them how great they both looked – and they were both in Thakoon. Since then, I knew this was a line to watch. The spring collection was more toned down and didn’t contain the combination of as many different elements as we’ve seen from Thakoon before but it was full of well made pieces with subtle details. The jeweled accents on blouses and dresses featured throughout the show were well thought-out. Also, loved the well cut slouchy pants and the open-toed over the knee boots. And the long pearl chains on the cross-body bags are for sure going to sell well.

Photos from style.com

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