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After designing the label for six years, this was Emma Hill’s final collection for Mulberry. Over the last few years, Hill has helped transform the line and Mulberry has become a highly anticipated show each season by its many devoted followers. The first look on Cara Delevingne said a lot about the collection as a whole – it’s London chic and totally wearable. And it’s going to sell. Most of the silks Hill used for spring were soft looking and the tone on tone pattern was pretty and light, although I imagine it looked better in person. Many of the cuts, lengths and the floral patterns gave the collection a distinct 60s vibe that Hill seems particularly found of. I loved the leather and sheer striped outfits as well as the similar outfits done in leather and suede. Hill went super bold with one of the floral patters but it was nicely balanced when paired with the soft black leather skirt. The collection also included some great bags and shoes that will go over well with Mulberry fans. And let’s not forget the sweet bulldog that made a couple of runway appearances – and wore the clothes particularly well.

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