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November’s issue of Vogue Paris, featuring Gisele and shot by Inez Vinood, is pretty much perfection. She looks incredible – one of her best covers ever. But what I love most about this cover is the styling. The close-up of her face, the slightly open mouth and the way her hand is holding the collar of her jacket is super 80s. And super awesome. It’s clearly paying homage to that great time in fashion when models used to reign the covers of fashion magazines. Nowadays, particularly in North America, celebrities now dominate the covers. And it’s never been quite the same. American Vogue covers in back in the day had a certain quality about them – they were glamorous and alive (some examples from the 80s are below). It’s how we grew to love so many of our favourite models. It was so exciting when you saw your fave on a cover. One July in the late 80s/early 90s Cindy Crawford was on the cover and I thought it was pretty much the universe’s way of wishing me a happy birthday. Those were the days. 

Vogue: The Covers is an awesome book featuring many of the great covers in the 80s and 90s. It’s of course proudly displayed on my coffee table.

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