Nothing makes me happier when two of my favourite things come together –especially when it’s fancy homes and 90s supermodels. Architectural Digest’s November issue features the incredible side-by-side vacation homes Cindy and her husband Randy Gerber built with their bestie George Clooney. Located on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja peninsula, they named the property “Casamigos” which means “House of Friends”.

Interestingly, they initially planned to build one big home for all of them but then decided two luxury properties next to each other made more sense. The villas were designed and built to complement each other and apparently Randy led the impressive construction project. They chose Mexican architecture firm Ricardo Legorreta to make their distinctive vision a reality. And they chose well because the vacation homes are outstanding. They’re light, open and modern. The central courtyard and infinity pool in Cindy and Randy’s villa is particularly amazing.

This is the second time Cindy has featured one of her homes in Architectural Digest. In March 2001, I freaked out with excitement when Cindy proudly showcased her swank Manhattan apartment on Madison Avenue in the Upper East Side. It was a fancy NYC pad designed by her good friend, California designer Michael S. Smith.

Having now seen the interior of two of Cindy’s homes, one thing’s for sure. There’s no way she would ever use any of the furniture she sells at The Brick in her own places. But in all fairness, who can blame her. It’s business ventures like that have helped her to become worth over a 100 million. She’s smart, beautiful, wealthy – and fancy.

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Photos from Architectural Digest

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