Nicole Richie at a dinner for Antonio Berardi in Beverly Hills

I’ve always loved collar necklaces. They’re like the perfect combination of fancy, chic and modern. There’s also something timeless about them. Back in the 80s, my mom used to have a few of them and I clearly remember giving them special space when I reorganized her jewellery drawers when I was younger (yes, I actually did that and not because she asked me to, I asked her if I could – while other boys were outside playing street hockey, I was happily organizing my mother’s jewellery).

What’s great about collar necklaces is that they work with so many different looks. Like, how great does it look on Nicole Richie with her simple pulled back hair? Studs or something super simple or nothing at all are usually the best choice to compliment a wider neck collar. But if it’s a narrower version and you’re going for a super glamorous look, long linear dangling linear earrings would look great too.

You can find collar necklaces in a wide array of prices ranges (a quick search turned up ones from everything from H&M to Saint Laurent) but I’d suggest not going with one that’s too inexpensive because it will lose it’s shape quickly. Also, a better quality piece will sit flush on the skin, which elongates the neck.

A few good options are below. They range from the simple and reasonable Alexis Bittar version for $195 to the incredible and dramatic option from Balmain for $850, which is a lot – but not bad for Balmain!

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