Emma Stone in (from left to right) Chanel, Valentino and Atelier Versace

Emma Stone’s wardrobe while promoting ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ has been nothing short of amazing (see what I did there?!). For the past couple of weeks, she’s made some super interesting and memorable red carpet appearances. It’s been one cool look after the other – all differently reflecting her colourful and unique personality. It’s also obvious the talented and fresh actress isn’t tied to one particular brand because she’s rocked an incredible selection of different designers for every one of her promotional appearances.

Emma’s eclectic clothing selection shows that you can have a lot more fun with a wide variety of designer options when you’re not a spokesperson for one line in particular (think Jennifer Laurence for Dior). So let’s hope she keeps on bringing it. It’s people like her who make following red carpet fashions interesting. And we can also learn something important from Emma’s style – don’t take fashion too seriously. When it comes to style, you can be fancy – and fun.

Here’s a breakdown of her best looks while on her recent promotional tour.

  1. Chanel in Berlin (top left) – The multi-coloured top and steel blue maxi skirt from Chanel’s Pre-Fall 2014 collection featured gold-fringe trim that’s lovely, modern and perfect for spring.
  2. Valentino in Rome (top middle) – Love this look from Valentino’s Pre-Fall 2014 collection. The beaded sheer blouse tied at the neck paired with the shiny patterned skirt has a major 70s vibe. The whole look seems sort of irreverent. In fact, it looks like it was pretty much made for Carrie Bradshaw.
  3. Atelier Versace in NYC (top right) – Canary yellow is such a good colour and works so well with her skin tone and red lips. The cut of the dress isn’t my favourite but she looks lovely and fresh. It also reminded me of Michelle William’s legendary yellow Vera Wang dress at the Oscars in 2006.
  4. Erdem in Berlin (bottom left) – This pale-blue short-sleeved dress from Erdem’s Fall 2014 collection couldn’t suit the actress more. It’s fresh, interesting and well represents the line’s progressive design aesthetic.
  5. Dolce & Gabbana in Rome (bottom middle) – The sheer lace blouse with matching pencil skirt is feminine and flattering. It’s also more grown up than her usual red carpet choices but the front braid adds a touch of hipness.
  6. Lanvin in Paris (bottom right) – Lanvin seems to be one of her favourites and this strapless faux-leather dress accented with a wide belt from the line’s Fall 2014 collection is sexy and edgy.

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