Even though I rarely pay attention to Jennifer Lopez’s music (does anyone?), I’m generally always pretty entertained by her videos. Because she does glamorous and sexy well. And she knows how to play it up. In her latest video, for her new single “First Love”, she stars alongside the biggest male model today, the super sexy David Gandy. She pretty much only wears a super tight white batting suit throughout the video – and she looks awesome. Of course, so does he. While the song isn’t anything special, she makes it for it with the video. It’s pretty hot.

I couldn’t help but notice how much it reminded of the late and incredibly talented Herb Ritts.  While he was famous as a fashion photographer, he also directed several videos in the 90s. As they always had that distinct ‘Herb Ritts’ style. There was Cherish by Madonna, Love Will Never Do (Without You) by Janet Jackson and probably the most memorable video directed by Ritts, Wicked Game by Chris Isaac starring supermodel Helena Christensen. His videos were always shot in black and white, represented his unique style and aesthetic, and were super sexy – much like Lopez’s new video.

There’s no doubt this was obviously somewhat of a tribute to Ritts and if he was alive today (he passed away in 2002), I’m sure Lopez would have worked with him often, including directing her in steamy music videos like this one. It’s nice to see that the legacy and style of Herb Ritts lives on. He had a unique vision and was always a favourite of mine.

Check out the video below. She and Gandy sure look good together. In fact, they’d make a pretty damn sexy and good looking couple. Once again, well played Jennifer Lopez, well played.

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