Claire Danes, Gwen Stefani, Kerry Washington & Julia Roberts at the 2014 Emmys

I was away last week for the Emmys but couldn’t miss a brief recap. Overall, it wasn’t the most exciting night in terms of fashion. For the most part, most people played it rather safe, which is becoming more and more typical these days. But there were still a few style stand outs. Find out below who rocked the red carpet, and who could have been better (but weren’t completely unfortunate).

Robin Wright in Ralph Lauren


She totally rocked this white backless jumpsuit. And totally owned the look. It was a modern, simply and sexy. She hasn’t been one in the past who wear clothes on the red carpet to get people talking but she definitely came to play this year. Loved it.

 Kerry Washington in Prada


The Scandal star just had a baby and looked beautiful. This was a cool strapless dress. Loved the tangerine colour with the crystal detail. Something’s a little off for me with the black sparkly detail under the slit but she still looked great.

Julia Roberts in Elie Saab


Much better than some of her red carpet choices last season. The beaded detail is well done and I liked that she went short, with the contrasting long sleeves. But I don’t think the shoes were the right choice. I would have gone with something sexier and less traditional. These simple ankle strap Alexander McQueen sandals would have been way better.

January Jones in Prabal Gurung


The Mad Men star really likes to stand out at the Emmys. It’s like every time she insists on wanting to have the biggest ‘wow’ moment. So on that note, this doesn’t feel all that original. It’s not a bad dress and the colour is lovely on her but it just seems like a bit much. And something strange was up with her hair. But the makeup was nice.

Lena Dunham in Giambattista Valli


Obviously most people hated this dress but on the talented and untraditional young star, it works. It’s full of personality and I like that she consistently chooses such polarizing looks. The omber ruffles had a very ‘couture’ feel. And I think it’s cool that she just has fun with it all (except the top seemed a little wrinkled). Also, loved the new platinum blond bowl cut.

Gwen Stefani in Versace


An awesome choice for a rock star with cool and unique style. The two-piece look was sexy and sparkly but still had an edge to it that few can pull off like Stefani. And loved the short sleeves and gold metal detail around the neckline. But I didn’t love the hair styled like Donatella. It didn’t suit her. And her face looked different, right? Let’s hope it was just the makeup…

Halle Berry in Elie Saab


My feelings towards this dress kind of represent how I felt about the whole evening. Meh. There’s nothing wrong with it but it’s not that exciting or original. It’s definitely not the kind of dress that gets red carpet followers excited to discuss. And she’s soooo beautiful but I’m not really down with the early 80s haircut either.

Amy Poehler in Theia


This was for sure one of Poehler’s best looks. And for her, it was different. She looked happy and confident, and you could tell she felt good in the silver sparkly number. It was a well played fashion moment for the super funny comedian.

Sofia Vergara in Roberto Cavalli


I say the same thing about her after every award show. Now my comments on Vergara’s red carpet choices are about as original as the dresses themselves. She’s gorgeous, sexy and funny, and she pretty much wears the exact same silhouette every time.

Claire Danes in Givenchy Haute Couture


Danes has always been an interesting one to watch on the red carpet. She has good taste (and/or a good stylist) and she often goes for relatively different looks but ones that still suit her. And this Givenchy Haute Couture was a stunning dress. It was beautifully tailored and had just the right amount of extra details to make it interesting – the jewelled necklace was particularly special. The colour also worked really well on her. And I loved the matching lipstick. One of her best red carpet moments.

Sarah Paulson in Armani Privé


This was a super dramatic dress but I liked that it was different. Especially when there were so many underwhelming looks this year. Having said that, I think it might have worked better on someone more stylishly progressive like Cate Blanchett. It takes a lot to pull off a dress like this. But at least she took a chance. And she seemed happy in it, which always makes a difference.

Mindy Kaling in Kenzo


Love Mindy Kaling, love Kenzo and I love her in this dress. It was super cool, fresh and good looking. The colour totally stood out on her skin tone and the silver stripped detail down the front and side was especially awesome. Mindy rocked this dress and is proof size should be a non-issue and that one doesn’t have to be a size 0 to look super chic and progressive on the red carpet.

Photos via instyle.com

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