Pucci designer Peter Dundas at The New York Ball

Holiday season is upon us and that means figuring out what to wear to all the fancy holiday parties. When I saw this photo of Peter Dundas, creative director at Emilio Pucci,  at a recent event in NYC, I was reminded of the eternal quality of a well-made and good looking velvet blazer. It’s such a classic and distinguished look. And like most classic pieces, you can spend a lot but it’s not necessary. Sure, you can spend thousands for an incredible Givenchy or Saint Laurent velvet blazer but you can also find nice ones more reasonably priced – both Zara and Scotch & Soda currently have great options. 

I’m a fan of the classic black velvet blazer because it’s timeless but if you’re a fancy dude who’s feeling a more adventurous, try a coloured one – dark jewel tones work best. Think midnight blue or dark purple. The key is to find one that fits well (slim fit for sure). A well-made velvet blazer also goes well paired with cool jeans and good looking white shirt. It’s just one of those wardrobe essentials that never goes out of style. Trust me, a well-fitting velvet blazer will make any dude feel like a fancy and dapper gent during the holiday season.

Scotch & Soda velvet blazer ($170); Polo Ralph Lauren slim-fit velvet blazer ($905); Reiss Jenson slim-fit velvet blazer ($570); PS by Paul Smith slim-fit velvet blazer ($960); Paul Smith London Byard velvet blazer ($1,175); Zara velvet blazer ($285).

To maximize the velvet blazer look, here are a few tips:

  • Generally they’re best worn with pants made of different material
  • They usually look best when paired with a crisp white shirt but a good looking black shirt can look chic with black velvet blazer too – very Saint Laurent
  • Bow ties are the perfect complement to velvet blazers
  • Black patent shoes are the best option for footwear
  • If you want to make it even dressier, wear a jeweled lapel pin for some extra fancy
Zara velvet blazer ($285); McQ Alexander McQueen slim-fit shirt ($280); Topman black dobby skinny trousers ($70); Lanvin bow tie lapel pin ($165); Lanvin silk satin bow ties ($165); Aldo Denver patent cap toe shoes ($140).

Photo of Peter Dundas above via 

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