Some of the many chic looks at Pink Tartan’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection.

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Pink Tartan’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection, one of the most sought-after fashion shows during World MasterCard Fashion Week (WMCFW) at David Pecaut Square. It was pretty cool to see such a popular show for my first time at Toronto Fashion Week. 

Pink Tartan designer Kim Newport-Mimran said in an interview before the show that the collection was about silhouettes she personally wants to wear, today. And the always well-dressed designer should know. The collection, styled with the help of talented and well-known stylist George Antonopoulos, was full of menswear inspired looks that were perfectly tailored and chic. Many described the show as “not your typical Pink Tartan,” which was true. Words like directional, modern and fashion forward immediately came to mind. And the oversized clouds (designed by Maison Studio) that ran down the centre of the runway  enhanced the dramatic quality of  such a strong collection.

A couple of the pieces weren’t entirely wearable, like a three-sleeve shirt, but for the most part the collection was full of good looking and wearable clothes that also made a statement. Reminiscent of what we saw during the recent fashion weeks in New York, Milan and Paris, fur stoles (cinched at the waist with wide belts) were featured throughout and made for a powerful and lux look. In addition to the abundance of fur, the mostly monochromatic collection featured some beautifully cut coats, tweed pieces perfect for the fall and cuts exaggerated in volume. I especially loved the gold pieces that appeared near the end the show – the gold blouse adorned with two oversized bows at the neck (pictured above) was a personal  favourite.

Well played Kim Newport-Mimran for stepping out of the Pink Tartan box. It was progressive and a refreshing take on the iconic Canadian brand’s wearable and much loved aesthetic. Looking forward to seeing the clothes when they hit the stores in the fall. Be sure to visit Pink Tartan’s flagship location in Yorkville and check out the full collection below.

Special thanks to George Antonopoulos for the ticket to such an awesome and memorable WMCFW show.

*Photos above: George Pimentel via

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