Golden Girls Lego

BEST. NEWS. EVER. Two of my all-time favourite things are coming together. After receiving a lot of online media attention yesterday, the incredibly detailed fan-made Lego set of The Golden Girls impressively got the 10,000 votes it needs on the Lego Ideas site (where Lego fans create and submit ideas for future Lego sets) for Lego to now consider it for production. If it passes the necessary tests for playability and safety, it could become official Lego merchandise in the near future. And I’ve never been so excited – about anything. 

Last Christmas, a friend gave me one of the best gifts ever – a set of The Golden Girls mini-figurines themselves – Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia – and I cherish it. And now my Lego gals could soon have their classic TV-set home to live in once again. The Golden Girls super-fan (and wildly talented Lego builder), who goes by the name “lostsleep” on the Lego ideas site, created the unbelievably detailed recreation of the TV house featured in the iconic sitcom. It includes the front entrance, the living room and the kitchen with one wall removed for a full view of the space, mirroring the original TV set.

Living room

Every single detail was considered including the wicker furniture, the large vase near the front door (the one Rose shot at early in the series when she thought there was an intruder) and every single precise detail in the kitchen, including the exact placement of the wall-phone, plants and curtains. And as part of the project, lostsleep even recreated some of the most classic scenes from the show any respectable Golden Girls fan would immediately recognize (see slideshow below).

Kitchen 2

I’ve honestly seen every episode of The Golden Girls at least 40 times – probably more. To this day I still PVR it and still laugh at jokes even before they’re delivered (because I know practically every line). The show was truly legendary and that’s why it’s still so popular today (especially with gay dudes), even after it went off the air more than 20 years ago.

So thank you lostsleep for being my friend (see what I did there?) and thank you to all the fans of The Golden Girls who took the time to vote and make this amazing set an actually possibility.  If it does get put into production, I might just “throw a party” in celebration of the coolest Lego set ever.

Classic episodes of The Golden Girls masterfully recreated in Lego

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos via The Golden Girls Lego Set page 

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