Bright colours and bandanas  for Etro’s spring/summer-2014 menswear campaign.

CINCO2015 is tomorrow night and guys should have fun embracing the Cinco de Mayo look. When thinking of traditional Mexican inspired men’s fashion, sombreros, ponchos, traditional matador uniforms and mariachi band outfits immediately come to mind. And unlike some of the Cinco de Mayo-inspired women’s looks (colourful dresses, flowers, big and bold accessories – a la Frida Kahlo ), some customary Mexican looks for men can be slightly harder to interpret. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Last year, Italian label Etro designed a whole collection celebrated the unique Mexican aesthetic with an awesome and sexy collection.

Etro men
Etro does western/ Mexican for it’s spring/summer-2014 menswear campaign.

For CINCO2015, if you’re brave, track down a sombrero or old poncho, or a matador-inspired jacket and matching pants (detail here is key). But if those looks are harder to come by, you can also go for more of a cruise-like summer vibe. Think about bold floral prints, tropical patterns, pastels, bright colours and other funky design motifs – all well-suited for a Cinco de Mayo party. Lightweight embroidered jackets, slim-cut pants, fitted dress shirts suited for the beach, and casual loafers or espadrilles work too.

Etro men 3 - Copy
Lightweight suits and tropical patterns from the collection.
Etro men 2 - Copy
Pastels and mixing patterns were a big part of the collection.

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure consider the celebratory nature of Cinco de Mayo. And as with any great party, your outfit should be about having fun,  feeling good and not taking fashion too seriously. Make sure you feel confident and are comfortable – because you’ll need to be prepared for the most stylish and wild Cinco de Mayo event north of the Mexican border. Visit Contemporary Calgary for tickets.

Photos from Etro’s spring/summer-2014 menswear campaign via

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