Casey Wagar 2015
Checking out the iconic Marilyn Monroe portraits at the exhibit.

Like most pop-art admirers, I’ve been a fan of Andy Warhol for as long as I can remember. His contribution to the world of pop-art is legendary and many of his paintings are iconic pieces of pop culture. If you appreciate his work, Andy Warhol: Revisited, a museum-style pop-up exhibition in Toronto should not be missed. 

Casey Wagar
Warhol’s Socialite series of famous fancy men was a personal favourite.

With over 200 Andy Warhol pieces in rotation, Revolver Gallery is the only gallery in the world that exclusively represents Warhol’s work. Founder Ron Rivlin aims to carry on Warhol’s belief that pop art if for everyone. The exhibit allows viewers to have an intimate look at some of Warhol’s most famous and talked about pieces, including portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Mickey Mouse, and his iconic Campbell’s Soup Cans, which are amazing to see in person.

By aiming to help educate viewers on the significance of Warhol’s work, the exhibit also features silkscreen demonstrations, a rotating lecture series with keynote speakers and a selection of original Polaroids from the Andy Warhol Foundation. Warhol’s fascination with fame, celebrity culture and consumerism has had a undeniable societal impact because he’s always been considered progressive with his on politics, celebrities and the LGBT community.


The gallery is on display until December 1 and tickets can be purchased online. If you go on Tuesday, admission is free if you bring a can of Campbell’s soup, which is donated to Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank. Clever – much like Warhol himself.

Casey Wagar

Thanks to Marcus Kan of Fusion Of Effects for the awesome photos! 

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