Toronto’s fashion community continues to impress me. I’m lucky enough to know many clever and talented people in the industry, like my friend, Mark Patrick Foreman, a designer and popular DJ. Mark is the creative force behind FUNKD, a cool and stylish line he started a few years ago to support and empower local communities by having everything locally and ethically produced. Their mission is to create fun, fashionable and comfortable clothing that’s made with Canadian craftsmanship. And trust me, these clothes are everything he set them out to be, and more. 


Recently, Mark asked me to be a part the launch of his new collection and of course I said yes. Always happy to support brands I love and believe in. As a popular DJ for years, Mark’s well known in Toronto’s nightlife scene and he asked a group of friends and influencers to be part of his new campaign to represent the brand’s local vibe. The shoot was at Poor Romeo, a hip new spot on Gerard Street East. It was a fun afternoon getting to meet and work with so many fun and creative people all who support Mark, who has the vision to create a locally produced clothing line that’s become well-known and admired around the city.

Casey Wagar Toronto

FUNKD’s collection consists of both men and women’s clothing and accessories. Street wear is the specialty and FUNKD does it well. Baseball hats, sweatshirts and tees dominate the collection, and I have a number of each. And I love them all. The clothes are comfortable and easy to wear with an urban street-style vibe that works well for all different ages. There’s also some cool and clever little details, like the small tiger emblem that appears on most of the pieces. Check out their site here to view the whole collection. You’ll love the designs and you can feel good knowing you are supporting a brand who keeps all of its manufacturing local, further empowering Canadian fashion.

Casey Wagar fashion

Thanks for asking me to be apart of the campaign, Mark! The pleasure was all mine.

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