I love nice jewellery and recently discovered iconic jeweller David Webb’s line and I’m so into it. It’s amazing – like really, really good looking. The line is known for its craftsmanship, creativity and specializing in special order pieces made of huge incredible gemstones, enamel, 18kt gold, platinum and diamonds.


Based out of NYC, David’s was long considered the go-to jeweller in Manhattan. He made custom pieces for some of the legendary jewel connoisseurs ever including Elizabeth Taylor, The Duchess of Windsor and Princess Grace. David passed away in 1975 but with new owners, the jewellery company he established long ago is still thriving as well as his legacy. The latest ad campaign with Terry Richardson is pretty cool too.

This is jewellery at its finest and fanciest. Prices range in the 1000’s to 10,000’s and I’m sure there are many special order pieces that go far beyond that. A great example of how jewellery is such an incredible art form.


Check out more photos at Davidwebb.com

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