Karolina Kurkova in Christian Dior Fall Winter Show 11/12

ISES Calgary and the most respected professionals in the event industry are putting on an event (not to be missed) this Saturday day in support of the Canadian Cancer Society. Taking place at F2 Furnishings, Kouvert is going to be a combo of incredible culinary preparations and unforgettable entertainment. This is a group that knows how to throw a memorable party – and do it better than anyone. 

So what to wear? Something chic of course. Go all out. Do it up. Get dressed up. Be creative (like this awesome outfit on Karolina Kurkova in Christian Dior 11/12 below) and wear something in your closet that you’ve always wanted to rock but have never had the opportunity. And it’s all in support of a very important cause. Can’t wait.

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