Jane Fonda-20131009-36

Few people are as fancy as Jane Fonda. She’s amazing – and I don’t use that word often. She just gets it. I often say that she’s single handedly changed the way people age. SHE’S 75!! And what’s so cool about her is that she doesn’t look too fake (Joan Rivers). Sure, she’s had some work done (admittedly) but she still looks like herself and she’s allowed herself to age. And not only is she fancy, she seems super cool and fun. Here she is at the Women’s Media Awards wearing skinny jeans, a long pearl necklace and an awesome sequin jacket blazer. This is a super chic look. I’m really into sequin blazers right now (I have one myself). 

Like, when is a black sequin blazer not a good idea? It also works for all ages. You can wear it with a dress or pants or rock it with skinny jeans like Jane did. Polyvore.com has a good selection with a range of style and price options. Here are a few of my pics.

Photo via starpulse.com

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