Lenny Kravitz has a crazy good sense of style. Throughout he’s career, he’s often worn pieces that might be considered pretty feminine (remember the boas from his “Mama Said” days?) but he wears them with confidence and rocks them like a true rock star should. And the same can be said of this incredibly cool shiny black metallic blazer. It’s fancy and super awesome. Like, could a blazer be any cooler? Not every guy would wear I blazer like this but when you see how good it looks on Kravitz, why not? It’s progressive and super stylish. And of course, Lenny keeps it hip and edgy. This particular blazer is Saint Laurent and I can’t find it online but according to the price of other Saint Laurent blazers, I’m guessing it’s at least $2,500. But it isn’t necessary to spend that much to achieve a similar look. It just takes some research and time. And I’ve found a few good options. Trina Turk’s ‘Fredric’ blazer ($428) is strikingly similar to the version above but more reasonably priced.  And Scotch & Soda’s ‘Party’ blazer (C$229) – love the name – also has a little shine and a touch of fancy.  And what man doesn’t need a touch of fancy?

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