Sequins are as popular now as ever and the look works especially well for the holiday party season. But with sequins, it’s important not too over do it. Because sequins are already a little over the top, you should generally keep the skin baring/cleavage showing to a minimum. Here’s a perfect example. Olivia Palermo in a Whistles top and skirt (love this look) vs. Carmen Electra in a Saint Laurent dress (can you believe this is Saint Laurent?!?). Palermo’s look (what does she do anyways?) works well because of the long sleeves and neckline. It’s an outfit you’d for sure notice from across the room (at least I totally would) and it’s chic but not too sexy. And because of the sequins, it doesn’t need to be. 

Compare that to Electra’s way too revealing Saint Laurent sequined cutout gown. The sequin arms are cool but the keyhole cutout doesn’t work with her boobs. It’s too much. This dress should only be worn by a woman who is relatively flat chested – Gwyneth could for sure make this dress work. Unfortunately, Electra just ends up looking like a fancy stripper. Back to Palermo – not only is her Whistles outfit a great example of how to wear sequins, it’s affordable. The top and skirt are $320 each and are available here and here. Below are some cool sequin looks from Whistles. What an awesome store.

2 thoughts on “Sequins Done Well vs. Not So Much

  1. To be honest……I like that dress that Carmen Electra is wearing……if someone like Keira Knightley or Charlize was wearing it……it would look better.

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