The Grammys are usually a pretty big night for memorable red carpet appearances. Remember Jennifer Lopez’s legendary sheer green Versace dress in 2000? People still talk about it. Not sure there was one single look that will be remembered from this year’s show, other than Pharrell’s Vivienne Westwood hat of course.

Beyoncé in Michael Costello

56th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

She nailed it once again. Glamorous, sexy and very Beyonce. Her body looked incredible in the sheer dress and the red lips were perfect. Also loved how she sat confidently in the front row (of course) sipping cognac like it was her party. In her mind, it probably was.

Katy Perry in Valentino Haute Couture

56th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

This sheer dress with musical notes was just on the runway at Paris Haute Couture Week. I liked it on the runway but not on Katy. It was too obvious and would have been way cooler on someone edgier. It looked too much like dress-up – not couture. Like, imagine how different this would have been on Rihanna with a studded biker jacket (think Sienna Miller at last year’s Met Gala). Right?

Madonna in Ralph Lauren Collection


I liked it. It’s Madonna. Like Diane Keaton at the Golden Globes, Madonna wore a Ralph Lauren Collection pant suit. Some people said her hat look was Amish-inspired but I think it was more self referencing than anything. She rocked the pant suit look years ago and has worn similar hats forever. Similarly, the white suit and cowboy hat she wore on stage was pretty much an homage to herself – remember her “Music” video? But the grill on the red carpet was lame. And she would look so much better if she toned down all the work on her face.

Rita Ora in Lanvin

56th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

A solid choice for the Grammys. It was different, a little rock and roll, and a cool texture. I also loved the metallic green colour. This was a noticeable dress without being desperate for attention. I’d love to see Taylor Swift in this.

Taylor Swift in Gucci 

56th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Taylor’s style isn’t my favourite but this was a great dress. It’s beautiful and looked super expensive (not that she had to pay for it). Loved the neckline and short sleeves. It was a fresh detail for a fancy dress. But I think her hair would’ve looked better down and tussled, like how it was when she was performing. It seemed a little too stiff on the red carpet.

Ciara in Emilio Pucci

56th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

I don’t know much about Ciara, what she sings or why she’s famous. But she looked awesome in this long sleeve gold Pucci dress. It was fancy, with an edge. And it was pretty cool she wore this dress while so pregnant. I’ve loved the last few Pucci collections and this was great dress choice for the Grammys.

Julia Roberts in Elie Saab


Too bad she didn’t walk the red carpet because she looked awesome in this Elie Saab black embellished mini. It was chic and fun. Way better than some of her recent red carpet looks. I guess there’s still hope for the Oscars.

Paula Patton in Nicolas Jebran Couture

Paula Patton

Poor Paula Patton. Another unfortunate choice. I like zebra stripes on a dress but not this one. It’s totally looked like something Michelle Pfeiffer’s character would have worn in Married to the Mob (1988). Or something one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey would wear today. And that’s never good.

Daft Punk in Saint Laurent


The photos says it all. Daft Punk in incredible suits. These dudes have style!

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2 thoughts on “2014 Grammys: Dresses, Daft Punk and Pharrell’s Hat

    1. Fair enough. I did notice the lion heads and it was different but I still think it looks like something a mofia wife would wear. Or it was like it was trying to be Tom Ford but missed. Totally agree on the red lips. And definitely respect your opinion my friend.

      And wow – I totally remember that song! Ciara looks so different. I’m willing to bet she’s had a little work done 😉

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