Linda Evangelista by Francesco Scavullo for Versace, 1990

Back in the late 80s and early 90s, big statement earrings were huge (no pun intended). And no one did it better than legendary supermodel Linda Evangelista. When I was little, I used to go to a store in Calgary called White Sun in Mount Royal Village with my mother. And while she shopped, I would stay with the sales ladies at the jewelry counter and happily go through all the new gigantic earrings. When new stock came in, we used to play a game where they would ask me to pick my favourite earrings and which ones I thought were the most expensive – I was always right: “he did it again!” It’s been a while since the look has been super popular and I think we’re going to see a lot more huge earrings this year.

In terms of jewelry trends, the last couple years have been all about statement necklaces. And it’s time for something new. Joe Zee (Creative Director of Elle), recently said in an interview that statement earrings are back for 2014 and “we’re talking huge.” I’ve also noticed more and more in-the-know shopping sites that are starting to devote an entire category to statement earrings, which is exciting.

Here’s the thing about massive earrings, while they may not be for everyone, they’re glamorous and fun. And fashion should be fun. Like, who doesn’t love the over-the-top look of the Dynasty days?! I’ve searched some sites and found some awesome statement earrings (below).

Statement earrings for 2014. That.Is.Fancy.

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