Fashion week is in full force and one of the most talked about collections so far is sure to be Rodarte. After a somewhat disappointing spring 2014 collection, the Mulleavy sisters delivered a solid fall collection featuring a lot ‘cool’ clothes that are sure to grow their following. Although some of the patch work pieces weren’t my favourite and the knee high nylons looked like they were inspired by Little Edie (and solely for the runway), the sisters designed a collection of mostly wearable clothes by referencing a significant time in their past. There were a lot of knits and some lovely pieces (like the one shoulder dresses at the end) that were well thought out. Of course, my favourite pieces were the vibrant sparkly jackets with shearling collars near the end. The shiny fabric was so incredible, I wish we saw more of it. I also loved the sparkly berets – they were chic and fun, and are totally going to be a sought after accessory for fall.

The show’s finale featured dresses showcasing various Star Wars characters and they have for sure already got editors and fashion followers talking. I thought they were tongue-in-cheek and pretty awesome. In fact, “Rodarte” should be an adjective – and I totally use it to describe this collection.

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