The Oscars are fast approaching and the BAFTA Awards are the last big precursor to the big night. The stars usually bring it on the red carpet at the BAFTAs – they often choose looks that make a statement but are a little more understated as opposed to super formal gowns we see at the Oscars. So, who was the most stunning on the red carpet? Duh, Brad and Angelina of course. Looking incredibly chic in matching tuxedos, they totally nailed the look – and owned the night. 

Angelina Jolie in Saint Laurent Paris


Well played, Angelina. We haven’t seen Brad and Angelia on the red carpet in a while so it was awesome to see such a cool showing of two of the world’s biggest stars in matching black tuxedos. Everything about Angelia’s look was steller. It’s chic, modern and sexy. It’s also super good looking. It was wise to keep the blouse unbuttoned – it helped lessen the severity of the look. Yves Saint Laurent was famous for evening pant suits and tuxedos for women and I love that Hedi Slimane has bought it back. It’s a timeless look and a nice change from a long formal gown. Angelina’s hair, make-up and minimal accessories were perfect too. It made the look light and feminine which was a smart choice with the masculine inspired outfit. Please let her show up to the Oscars!

Cate Blanchett in Alexander McQueen


Cate kept it a little more low key (and conservative) than she has recently in a black metallic floral Alexander McQueen gown, which was a modified version from one seen in Alexander McQueen’s Pre-Autumn/Winter collection. She looked lovely but it wasn’t her most exciting or interesting look. But check out that incredible diamond statement Chopard necklace. It’s incredible. And it was interesting choice. I’d would have gone with huge dramatic long earrings instead. They would have worked well with the simplicity of the dress and the neckline.

Amy Adams in Victoria Beckham


I really love Victoria Beckham’s designs (who would have guessed??). They’re clean, relatively minimalist and good looking. And Amy’s dress is a good example of Beckham’s design aesthetic. I love the collar on the dress and the sheer panel over her chest. This is what I call refined elegance. It’s not necessarily a show stopper but it’s not supposed to be. Also, well done on the dark red lips.

Lupita Nyong’o in Christian Dior Couture


She is so lovely. This is the kind of face that just makes you smile. Lupita continued with her penchant for monochromatic dresses with this kelly green strapless Dior Couture number. Of course she looked beautiful and I love the gold belt and the matching gold cuffs (such a cool look) but wasn’t the most exciting choice. I’m surprised Jennifer Laurence didn’t wear this particular dress first because it’s a silhouette she definitely gravitates to. I still can’t wait to see what Lupita wears to the Oscars. She knows people are watching her fashion choices closely so I have a feeling it’s gong to be a major show stopper.

Uma Thurman in Atelier Versace

021614-BAFTA-Cate-Blanchett-567I can’t believe this is Versace. It’s definitely not what we typically see from Donatella. I feel like she does a lot of custom pieces for the red carpet. And this is a good looking dress. It’s hard to see but the dinner jacket is quite long and extends down the length of the dress at the back. Not sure I love how the lapels are designed to fit perfectly around her boobs, but I guess that’s where the “Versace” comes in.

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