Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson & Cindy Crawford at the LACMA Art & Film Gala

The stars came out in droves last week for The LACMA Art and Film Gala (the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is the largest art museum in the western United States). And they definitely came to play. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a red carpet full of so many stars at once so I decided it was time for a good old red carpet fashion recap. This is one of those events that consistently brings out the A-listers – the attendance looked like an award show. 

The event, in its fourth year, was presented by Gucci so of course tons of stars were dressed by the luxury brand. Overall, the women all looked fantastic – and fancy. While it wasn’t the most outrageous or exciting red carpet and there were quite a few similar looks, some stars for sure stood out.

Kate Hudson sure knows how to make a memorable red carpet appearance when she wants to and she nailed it in this soft pink, slightly sparkly Gucci gown. The draping was flattering and the design was super glam and feminine. In contrast to Kate’s look, Lopez went for a more daring and sexy look (what a shocker) in a striking midnight blue crystal embellished gown showing a lot of cleavage and her incredible figure. It takes a lot of confidence to wear a dress like this (something Lopez definitely has no shortage of) and she wears it very well. She’s also never looked better than she does at this point in her life. Cindy Crawford looked ageless as usual in a white silver embellished low-cut gown. Some reports said it was Cavalli and some said it was Gucci (not two brands often associated with each other) but either way, she looked like the legendary supermodel she’s is.

Some other notable looks are included below. This was a fancy party.

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2 thoughts on “The Stars Sparkle – Literally – at LACMA Art and Film Gala

  1. Love that KHud did a red lip with that soft pink, really provided a nice contrast. I have such a girl crush on Cara Delvingne these days, I think she’s really great at versatile looks and switching it up – can’t wait to see what she wears for the Met Gala. Demi Moore – that dress looks like a couch. Another front runner for me – Camille Belle’s periwinkle blue column with crystal neck by Gucci – her hair sets OFF that colour. Sigh, will I ever get a chance to be fancy and rock a plunging V ball gown while my tatas are still in tip top shape?! Will I Casey?JUST ONCE!!!

    1. I totally agree. I loved the red lip with the soft-pink. And I looove Cara too. She’s so cool and seems real. Camille Belle’s was pretty too but I can’t figure her out. Does she still act? And yes you will my friend – I believe in you! We should do a fancy event together. Love your comments as always 😉

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