‘Tis the season for shiny and sparkly things – and jewellery certainly falls into that mix. And let’s face it, jewellery makes a great Christmas gift because it’s nice to enjoy in the New Year. I’m pretty much always on the lookout for nice jewellery and the holidays are a perfect time to do it. Whether it’s elegant and fine jewellery or contemporary and chic, I’m a fan. And great jewellery isn’t just for the ladies. While there’s a growing number of awesome jewellery lines geared specifically for men, I think both men and women should wear whatever kind of jewellery they want – whoever it’s intended for. Below are four jewellery lines I think are particularly fancy or cool – or a bit of both – for the New Year. 

Dean Davidson
Clockwise from top left: Spire hoops with black onyx or white topaz ($155); Ingot collar with green onyx ($475); Apex ring with green onyx ($255); Layered drop earrings ($155); Spire cuff with white topaz ($335); Pave stacked cuff with black onyx or white topaz ($185); Pyramid single strand beaded bracelets in various semi-precious stones ($155); Unity cuff ($335).

My good friend Dean Davidson started his career in Calgary and has grown to receive international attention in the last few years. His line has also received a lot press coverage in top fashion magazines for good reason – it’s modern, chic, wearable, and reasonably priced. And the gold and silver pieces works super well when worn together. Although his designs continue to evolve, they always have his signature architectural aesthetic. I’m a big fan of his work – and my family and friends are too. You can find his work at Holt Renfrew and on his website.

Clockwise from middle: Tiffany T Wire Hoop Earrings in 18k gold ($1,150); Tiffany T wire ring in 18k white gold ($745); Tiffany T square ring in 18k gold ($1,380); Tiffany T Square Bracelet in 18K rose gold ($5,745); Tiffany T Square Bracelet in silver ($1,090); Tiffany T wire bracelet in 18k gold with diamonds ($3,445); Tiffany T wire bracelet in 18k white gold with diamonds ($3,445).

Anything from the Tiffany T collection is sure to be a popular gift this Christmas for Tiffany fans. It’s a modern and fresh design but still has that classic and timeless quality associate with the iconic brand. It’s also a perfect layering piece for someone who likes to wear a few bracelets at one. The collection has been so well received, many of the designs are already sold out.

Clockwise from top left: Mav brass leather & brass bracelet ($180); Anchor medallion necklace($110); Screw cuff coated brass bracelet ($260); Screw cuff 18k gold plated bracelet ($230); Beacon woven-leather & brass bracelet ($120); Anchor 18k gold plated pendant necklace & silver chain ($140); Braided leather bracelet ($110); Naomi 18k gold plated bracelet ($215).

Since I discovered Miansai about five years ago, the line has been one of my favourites. It stands out because it’s unique, the craftsmanship is done with care and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Miansai originally began with a single men’s bracelet in 2008 (which I still wear) and since then the collection has grown to include necklaces, rings and a women’s collection. This is for sure one of the coolest jewellery lines out there for men. You can buy it from Nordstrom and Miansai’s website. And make sure to check out the flagship store shop on Crosby St. next time you’re in NYC.

Clockwise from top left: New World silver iris oval drop earrings ($1,710); Green turquoise midnight pendant necklace ($1,700); New World elongated pear chandelier earrings ($1,365); Diamond Cravelli double band ring ($1,840); New World sapphire & diamond bangle ($1,825); Midnight & gold Basilica enhancer with diamonds ($1,565); Midnight & gold Cravelli bangle ($795); New World malachite drop earrings ($1,710); Old World round kyanite midnight ring with diamonds ($1815); New World silver iris oval drop earrings ($1,710).

If you’re looking for elegant and timeless jewellery, it doesn’t get more beautiful than Armenta. It’s VERY FANCY. Because of its historical aesthetic, this is the kind of jewellery I often think could be in a museum. The pieces are expensive but the craftsmanship, detail and quality of materials used are incredible. And they would definitely last a life time. To see this see this unbelievable work in person, visit Rubaiyat in Calgary.

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