Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez, Cara Delevingne and Michael B. Jordan at the 2015 MTV Awards.

The MTV Movie Awards took place last night and although I’m not sure why they still even bother (Does anyone actually watch MTV anymore? Remember when MTV was a thing?), the awards still provide for some memorable (and some questionable) looks. It’s a time where stars can be a little more casual and have fun with their fashion choices. So, who won on the blue carpet this year? Jennifer Lopez. Obviously. 

Jennifer Lopez in Versus Versace


Lopez looks better than ever lately and she totally nailed her look last night in a black Versus Versace blazer, matching miniskirt and gold accessories. Check out that belt! She looked confident and sexy. And it didn’t scream ME ME ME like her outfits often do. The Giuseppe Zanotti stilettos ankle strap sandals, simple gold clutch and gold jewellery tied the look together perfectly. It felt effortlessly chic and I loved it. Anthony Vaccarello, the new designer for Versus Versace, is doing a stellar job of honouring the late great Gianni Versace’s aesthetic (way better than Donatella ever has). This look reminds me of Gianni’s legendary’s designs from the early 90s. Obviously for normal humans, maybe go with a longer skirt when trying to attempt a similar look.

Scarlett Johansson in Zuhair Murad


Johansson wears a  jumpsuit well and this rose coloured one from Zuhair Murad suited the action star perfectly. It fit nicely and I liked that she wasn’t wearing a dress – it suits her personality and like, Lopez, it didn’t feel like there was too much effort requited to pull this look together. And the colour was pretty for spring. Also, her gown-out pixie hair cut looks fantastic and loved the long gold drop earrings as well.  It’s a super faltering style that  elongates the neck and works well on pretty much all women.

Cara Delevingne in Reem Acra


This plum cocktail Reem Acra dress on the top model tuned actress was kind of like a beautiful expensive blouse turned into a dress. It was chic, sexy and feminine. The draping and lace detail was lovely and I love the loose long-sleeves. I’m really into long-sleeved dresses right now – they work well when the dress is ultra short because it balances nicely and makes for a strong juxtaposition. Delevingne seems cool and is usually fairly edgy when it comes to her style so for her, the softness of this look felt fresh. Looking forward to seeing more of her on the red carpets this year.

Michael B. Jordan in Vivienne Westwood

The 2015 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

Gotta love a dude who’s brave enough to wear a Vivienne Westwood red plaid suit on the red carpet – and completely rock it. The soon to be super popular actor nailed the whole look. It was wise to go with a black shirt, tie and shoes because a suit like this definitely speaks for itself. More and more men are becoming increasingly comfortable taking fashion risks and not being afraid to show they’re into fashion, which is awesome. Because, why not right? Jordan proved he’s got style and this look makes me want to step up my fashion game. Well played, Michael B. Jordan.

Shailene Woodley  in Isabel Marant


Isabel Marant‘s label has becoming increasingly popular in the last couple of years – it’s fun, young and has kind of an “I don’t care that much about fashion even though I totally do care” quality to it. The high-waited pants were cool and the Divergent star wore them well but they’re generally super hard to pull-off and work on maybe 0.5 % of the population. But I liked how the opposing patterns looked together. This was a good example of dressing for your audience.

Hailee Steinfeld in Rodarte


Hailee Steinfeld has interesting style – she’s often trying different looks that most other actors her age wouldn’t dare. But I’m not sure this Rodarte look worked. There are too many elements going on at once. Which is too bad because I love Rodarte and the olive-green sheer blouse was super chic but it didn’t work with the rest of the outfit. I would have styled it completely differently. The whole look felt like it was trying really hard to be edgy and you never should come across like you tried that hard. And I’m not a fan of those lace-up sandals either – at least not with this outfit. There were so many great looks from Rodarte’s recent fall-winter 2015 collection (like those killer multi-coloured sequin short dresses), that I’m not sure why they chose this one.

Brittany Snow in Brandon Sun


A simple and nice look for spring. The two-toned pink-and-red sleeveless dress was fairly basic but it was light and cute. It’s not super exciting but at the same time, it’s unobjectionable (a term my mother loves). And it would work on a lot of women. It would be great for a wedding or cocktail party this spring/summer.

Amy Schumer in Balmain


Amy Schumer’s super funny and I looove Balmain – it’s one of my favourite women’s lines right now – but I don’t think this black and white mini suited the comedian/host of the night. I like the dress itself (love long sleeves on a short dress) but it wasn’t the most flattering. Too bad because it’s a cool dress. And what was with those shoes?! They’re the worst. Ankle strap sandals, like the ones both Jennifer Lopez and Cara Delevingne wore would have been way better. Open toed platform shoes should be retired. Right?

Next up is Cannes Film Festival in May. Can’t wait! Because that’s a red carpet where the stars majorly bring it in terms of their fashion choices. Stay tuned…

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