Met Gala 2017 – Avant-Garde with Comme des Garçons. And Rihanna Wins. Again.

Met Gala 2017
Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, Zoë Kravitz and Jennifer Connelly at the 2017 Met Gala.

It’s the party that costs $30,000 a ticket and even if you an afford a ticket, that doesn’t mean you can necessarily attend. It’s invitation only and there’s a famously long waiting list – just to get on the invite list. Anna Wintour carefully oversees every detail and has to approve everyone who attends – of course she does. So even if a company buys a table, she still has the final say whether your guests can attend or not. Pretentious, right?! God, I want to go some day…  Continue reading “Met Gala 2017 – Avant-Garde with Comme des Garçons. And Rihanna Wins. Again.”

Grammys Red Carpet Recap- Rihanna’s Bedazled Flask Wins the Night

Adele, Rihanna, Solange and Jennifer Lopez at the 2017 Grammys

Award season is in full swing with the Grammys taking place Sunday night. Obviously, the biggest story was the controversy over Adele winning Best Album, beating Beyoncé who many thought deserved to win for her critically praised album, Lemonade – including Adele. It was a charming moment when she broke her Grammy in half so she could share it with Beyoncé. I can’t say the red carpet this year was particularly exciting or that there was any one look we’ll remember for years to come (like Jennifer Lopez’s legendary plunging Versace in 2000). If I had to choose the night’s style winner, I’d probably go with Rihanna – but that’s mostly because of her brilliant bedazzled flaskContinue reading “Grammys Red Carpet Recap- Rihanna’s Bedazled Flask Wins the Night”

Best Red Carpet Looks of 2016

Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Cindy Crawford, Charlize Theron and Sarah Paulson

It’s no secret 2016 was a rough year. For me, it was one full of changes, challenges and learning experiences. Although I haven’t had much time to post lately, I couldn’t miss my annual list of some of my favourite red carpet looks of the year. It may have been a shitty year for many but on a brighter and lighter note there were still some amazing red carpet looks. Cindy Crawford makes my list (of course) and once again Cate Blanchett gets several mentions. Here’s to a happier 2017!  Continue reading “Best Red Carpet Looks of 2016”

American Music Awards (aka The Jennifer Lopez Show)

Gwen Stefani in Yousef Al-Jasmi, Selena Gomez in Givenchy, Jennifer Lopez in Yousef Al-Jasmi and Ciara in Reem Acra (Photos: via

Since the show first began in 1973, the American Music Awards have always taken a back seat to the Grammys. And this year wasn’t much different. Many of music’s biggest stars were absent and while I’ve seen a lot more exciting red carpets, there were still a few fashion highlights. Thankfully Jennifer Lopez, who hosted the show, changed 11 times throughout the night. No shocker there – I’m honestly surprised she kept it down to 11. Lopez is always fun to watch because few stars make as much of an effort as much she does. She gives new meaning to “Hostess with the Mostess” ( easy I know). More on the some of the night’s most talked about looks below.

Continue reading “American Music Awards (aka The Jennifer Lopez Show)”

Jennifer Lopez Shows How It’s Done At MTV Movie Awards

Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Lopez, Cara Delevingne and Michael B. Jordan at the 2015 MTV Awards.

The MTV Movie Awards took place last night and although I’m not sure why they still even bother (Does anyone actually watch MTV anymore? Remember when MTV was a thing?), the awards still provide for some memorable (and some questionable) looks. It’s a time where stars can be a little more casual and have fun with their fashion choices. So, who won on the blue carpet this year? Jennifer Lopez. Obviously.  Continue reading “Jennifer Lopez Shows How It’s Done At MTV Movie Awards”