Everyone knows Swarovski is synonymous with sparkle. They’re pretty much the masters of it. I recently had the opportunity to preview Swarovski’s new Spring/Summer collection, called Sea of Sparke, at the ultra-chic Four Seasons in Toronto and it was definitely a pleasure.  Because ever since I was little, I’ve always been drawn the elaborate and sparkly jewels (hence why Elizabeth Taylor’s book My Love Affair with Jewelry will always be one of my favourite coffee table books and Dynasty still remains a source of style inspiration). I love nothing more than learning about beautiful jewellery – and I’m never afraid to try it on either.

The colours of the collection have an under-the-sea tone to them, including turquoise, aquamarine and bold pinks. Inspired by the world’s colourful seas and oceans, it’s a more vibrant collection that we’re used to seeing from iconic jewellery line. Many of the dramatic shapes and oversized pieces make for an exciting and extra glamourous collection that’s full of major statement pieces.

In line with the jewellery trends we’ve been seeing lately, what I liked most about the Sea of Sparkle collection is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a fun, stylish and versatile group that’s sure to be popular when it hits the stores this spring. Some of the pieces are perfect for a fancy night out while others would be a great way to dress up your favourite faded skinny jeans and white shirt.

As part of the preview, we also got to see the Spring/Summer 2016 Atelier Swarovski collection, with one group designed by the legendary Jean Paul Gaultier (below). Featuring his specially created Kaputt crystal cuts, which are totally incredible, the pieces had a very ‘Gaultier’ feel and will likely become a collector’s item in the near future.

Atelier Swarovski_Gaultier
Pieces from the new Atelier Swarovski collection, designed by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Keep your eye out for the pieces to hit stores this spring and for their new campaign featuring supermodel and brand muse, Miranda Kerr (below).


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